Introduction to #etmooc

This space will act as an information hub for #etmooc, an open, online experience that is designed to facilitate & nurture conversations around the thoughtful integration of educational technology & media in teaching and learning.

Think of #etmooc as an experience situated somewhere between a course and a community. While there will be scheduled webinars and information shared each week, we know that there is a lot more that we will collectively need to do if we want to create a truly collaborative and passionate community.

We’re aiming to carry on those important conversations in many different spaces – through the use of social networks, collaborative tools, shared hashtags, and in personalized spaces. What #etmooc eventually becomes, and what it will mean to you, will depend upon the ways in which you participate and the participation and activities of all of its members. Let’s see if we can create something that is not just another hashtag – and, not just another course.

Some exciting topics will be explored during the #etmooc experience. We’ll be leading conversations around many of the recently popularized technologies, media and literacies including social/participatory media, blended/online learning environments, digital literacies, open education, digital citizenship/identity, copyright/copyleft, and multimedia in education. We hope that this list of topics will grow as we expand our membership and tap into the expertise of our participants. However it is not the topics that we cover, but it is what we discover, create and share together that will be critical to the success of the etmooc experience.

So are you interested in participating? Do you have colleagues or students that would benefit from this type of experience? This will be a totally open, online, fully free opportunity.

We will begin in the week of January 13, 2013. #etmooc is designed to run for at least 10 weeks. We’d love to have you participate, and feel free to bring as many friends as you like. If you are at all interested, please consider signing up HERE. We’ll contact you with more details at the beginning of January.

We’re looking forward to a great experience – and we truly hope that you can join us!

~ Alec Couros, Professor of Educational Technology & Media, and one of the #etmooc facilitators.

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