Gearing Up for #etmooc

Below is a copy of an email that should have gone out to all #etmooc participants that were registered by the morning of January 11, 2012. In case you missed it, view the information in its entirety below or view the MailChimp HTML version here. The emailing list will be updated with new registrants before the next weekly email is sent out.


Hello #etmooc’ers!

This is the second official email that has been sent out to #etmooc participants. If you missed the first one (sent January 3), you can find it here. We now have over 1200 participants registered representing 67 countries – take a look! (Apologies that not all participants seem to show up on the map).

Orientation week is right around the corner and we’ll kick off with some sessions using Blackboard Collaborate. The Calendar of events is found here with events displayed in Eastern Time (GMT -05:00). I would suggest subscribing to the Google Calendar if you know how. If you do not, we’ll be covering this and many new skills during the Orientation Week (January 13 to 19). If you miss a session, don’t worry. Attendance is encouraged but not compulsory. And, we’re going to aim for repeat sessions and plan to record all webinar type events.

Now, here’s something important that we will need from you. As mentioned previously, we’re asking all participants to blog during #etmooc so we’ll need to know where we can find you. @cogdog has put together this great tutorial that explains how you can submit your blog address. If you want to use your existing blog for the course, we’ll only need your tag, category, or label link, and that’s well explained in the tutorial. For quick reference, the tutorial and submittal form can be found at:

The first #etmooc session will be held on Monday, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time in Blackboard Collaborate. All Collaborate sessions will be accessible at throughout #etmooc. If you have never used Blackboard Collaborate, this page has useful information and will allow you to get set up with the proper system requirements.

#etmooc has an account on Twitter (we’re @etmooc), and we’ve put together several Twitter lists of registered participants. Twitter only allows 500 people in each list so we’ve had to create three (feel free to follow List AList BList C). To share and connect with other participants on Twitter, please use #etmooc in your tweet and it will show up in this Twitter search.

And if you haven’t already, feel free to join the conversation in the #etmooc Google Community.

The organizers of #etmooc are really excited to have so much interest in this community. If you need any help in getting oriented to the experience, we’re never more than a tweet or an email message away.

Meet you all very soon!