Festival of Gaming

At this time of year I love reading everyone’s wrap up of the previous year.  Highlight, lowlight, best of.  I am not usually one to write that sort of thing, and if you look back over my year of blogging I haven’t been one to write much at all.…

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To help or not to help…during #GeniusHour

Every month we have a fantastic chat on twitter using the #geniushour hashtag. Incredible educators from around the globe join in and in traditional Q1, A1 format we discuss a hot topic that has to do with Genius Hour. October's chat was "To what extent do you help students during Genius Hour?"


Some really great points were brought up that I just had to go back and reread the archive.
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Setting Restrictions in a Google Form with FormLimiter

It’s now easy to set access restrictions to your #GoogleForms with #FormLimiter. You can set restrictions by the number of entries submitted, or by a date and time that you select.



Click here for easy instructions on how to add and use FormLimiter to your Google Forms.…

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Know The “Why” and Disrespect the Impossible

After observing many educational leaders and education systems, it’s clear that the following must be present and ubiquitous in a school and district before they can thrive and continue to move forward:

  • Clearly articulated, concise vision and mission
  • Development of the vision and mission is based on research, reflection, and representative of all stakeholder voices
  • Vision and mission drives decision-making at all levels
  • Systems thinking and decision-making is the key to effectiveness and change
  • Leadership hold themselves and others accountable for upholding the vision and mission
  • Proactively tell your story – focus on the “why” of the organization
  • Leadership needs to honor and live the “why” and expect and support this of all others in the system
  • Recognize others for their impact – big or small – on the system
  • Culture and relationships are critical – but not at the expense of the vision and mission
  • Leadership and the organization need to be transparent and authentic
  • Stay focused on what’s right and the “why” of the organization during the difficult times
  • When change is necessary, do it – but in a proactive, not reactive mode
  • Progress monitoring, reflecting, and responding are key to change and growth
  • Complacency and the status quo have no place in the organization
  • “Disrespect the impossible” Jamie Casap, Global Education Evangelist at Google

Take each one of these principles, honestly and authentically reflect on your environment (classroom, school, and/or district), determine strengths and growth areas, and develop a plan of action, that includes progress monitoring and reflection points.…

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Friendly Monsters

Some recent links from my Pinboard. Mostly related to open resources.


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#glowblogs improvements: text handling


Since WordPress 3.9 the TinyMCE editor now automatically cleans out all but the semantic HTML from Word (or Rich text copied from elsewhere), meaning any fonts, styles, etc. You preserve headings, blockquotes, lists, links, bold, italic.

From: Peek in the SPLOT: TRU Writer

This means WordPress handles text pasted from word a lot better that the current WordPress 2.9.2 does

Even though, like Alan, I don't think writing everything in word is a great idea lots of folks do exactly that.…

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Kick off to 10 Reasons to Live: Bishop Carroll’s 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium


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Where do you go from here?.. Career Exploration with High School Students

One aspect of my job as a high school counsellor is to help my students reflect on what they may want to do after high school. I personally remember feeling very apprehensive as a student about which jobs were out there and how people actually found their careers.…

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