Time to Level up

Time for Lunch by David Gallagher

Photo courtesy of David Gallagher via flickrcc license

Hooray! I am two units into the Google Certification for Educators.

Whew! Time to  pause and reflect. 

At the end of Unit Two  I’ve:

  • clocked 37 hours of PD time
  • written, tabbed and highlighted 82 pages of notes
  • answered more than 150 multiple choice questions
  • learned a hell of a lot.
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A New Approach

The new year brings a new direction for Tools of Engagement.  I want to write more about my own use of technology and social networks and explore how to encourage others to be a part of this movement.  While I enjoy exploring how parents can be more involved in public education by using web tools, I haven’t been able to sustain my writing on this one topic.  …

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