and the runners up were……

For my MSc in Multimedia and Elearning I had to produce a Design Project, but although I specifically wrote down my ideas for the project, I then went off on a tangent and decided that a Prezi might be better.  I spent (many enjoyable) hours creating this: [click on  image to view]

[WARNING: This is a work in progess; things might not appear as they seem]

 I presented it to some students today and I think they liked it.  Either that, or they said ‘yes, its great, Debs’ so that I would stop jumping up and down saying ‘aren’t I a clever girl!’   They did give me some useful feedback though, for instance, the best colours to use.

[Update:   I have recently bought an iPad and viewing the presentation using the Prezi viewer app is amazing.  It immediately lends itself to the idea of flipped learning, where students could explore the Prezi and then class time is used for discussion/questioning]

This reminded me about another  artefact I produced but forgot about [see ‘a worrying trait‘].  This was a Spicynodes presentation – basically a flashy interactive mindmap [click on the image to view]

I presented it in September and put it on the VLE, and then promptly forgot about it.  However, one of those students recently told me  that it was invaluable as a overview.

Last but not least, is the simplest, ‘least woww’ey’ idea –  interactive Word documents.  Simple, but so, so effective.  I created these to replicate the computer based assessments.  The feedback that students get from the on-line practice assessments is ‘You passed‘ or  ‘You didn’t’ ! By replicating the assessments, I was able to assess students and give them relevant feedback.  One particular student [an adult returner] was sending them back for me to mark on a daily basis. Not sure how effective  that was (for me), but she passed first time.  We were both thrilled.

I then went back to one of my original ideas because I thought it was more relevant to teaching and learning (rather than just teaching, as in the Prezi and Spicynodes), and I’m pleased with my final call – the video tutorials.  I just need to make sure that I keep up the motivation to complete an entire set.

The next module in the MSc is Action Research.  This should be really useful for me in developing ways of evaluating the effect of new learning materials/methods.