#BeyondFacebook12 – Open Online Course 4HS Students By HS Students


The OC@ADLC will be offering an Open Online Course Pilot for High School Students

Topic: Blog Creation and Social Media Integration

(Subtopics: Digital/Social Media Literacy, Digital Citizenship and Digitial Identity)


  • In groups in an open online environment learners will create a blog, then send it out to the world.
  • The “content” for the course will be created BY the students FOR other High School students through the Blogs
  • Students will be asked to include “how” they created the content – on their blog using multimedia and web 2.0 tools.

When: Tuesday November 27-Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where: In Canvas LMS

STUDENTS: Pre-register here:

TEACHERS: If you want to sign up as a teacher or observer, please encourage a student to participate as well.

To observe the course, please follow this link: https://theopenclassroomadlc.instructure.com/courses/8715

There are some “pre-course” activities to help students become familiar with the course – INCLUDING a parental permission form.


Learners must be between the ages of 14 and 18. All learners 14-17 will require online parental consent. (Educators can ask to help facilitate – please contact Verena directly)


Students will be able to achieve a “Badge” for their learning by completing a peer and self assessment within a week of completing the course. After the completion of three badges, Alberta students will have the opportunity to apply for one credit based on Alberta curriculum outcomes and courses through ADLC.

Please contact Verena Roberts, Learning Innovation Lead Teacher ADLC,  if you have any questions.