Look mom, I’m on a MOOC!


As you know, lots of stuff about MOOCs runs on web. You can found good points here:  http://ow.ly/gKxo2 [1] and http://ow.ly/gKxsh [2].

We can put the big question on what are the pre-requisites for successfull planning and learning achievement in online education. It’s not about cMOOCs, xMOOCs, or even only about ed-tech tools: it’s about the learning and teaching process – what really matters? And how it can be sustainable within a MOOC?

I confess that I don’t have a reasonable meaningful experience on MOOCs to affirm or conclude whatever is. I just have enrolled, a few days ago,  in a set of MOOCs to do an in-depth learner experience analysis (I’ve already been enrolled with 3 Coursera MOOCs and 1 cMOOC – but always getting on the road with the 90% others which were lost on the way).

From my weak experience (and from what I’ve read), I see the need to ensure the learning experience and its effectiveness, in order to attend all the individual characteristics of the learner. In this sense, I think that Learning Analytics can be an useful tool. We need maturity design methods and metrics to predict the scalability of these new ongoing networks, and talking more about quality and capacity (and here I am, involved with my PhD subject).

By the way, this blog will be the witness of my walk around MOOCs. This time I’m ready to start my #etmooc challenge (still open for registration), with @pgsimoes and @josemota (a portuguese honorable friends that I really prize), delivered by @courosa and his team. Hope to chat with you and bring some coffee!


ATB (All The Best) fellows!



Gonçalo (@GCruzMatos)



PS: Please, I apologize about my english.. I will try out to do a good job, and not embarrass the portuguese people 😛



[1] MOOCs and other ed-tech bubbles: http://edtechnow.net/2012/12/29/moocs-and-other-ed-tech-bubbles/

[2] Why “Is There an Ed-Tech Bubble?” Is the Wrong Question: http://www.hackeducation.com/2012/10/29/ed-tech-bubble/