What’s in a story?

Last night was the first synchronous session for #etmooc. There were over 200 people in the room for the introductions to the concepts we’d be exploring. I’m eager to strengthen my understanding of digital storytelling and the power of “story”. At the elementary level we use a lot of digital storytelling tools, but sometimes I think we’re simply substituting a digital format for an activity that students would normally complete on paper. Where’s the extension? Enhancement? Are students driving the creative process or are teachers? One tool that I have fallen in love with is Storybird. I have seen students truly own the story when given the opportunity to freely create with this tool. The beautiful artwork ignites the imagination and helps even the most reluctant writers share their ideas. I even created my own story to share with my students and staff at last year’s opening assembly.

Someone screen captured this image from last night’s session, showing participants’ views on what digital storytelling is/what it means to them. Check out the variety in the responses! One of the perks of participating in a social learning space such as this is the varying perspectives that are shared. Looking forward to learning more in the coming weeks!




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