One “H” and 4 “C’s”

English: Compulsive hoarding home entrance

I think this is what my mind looks like plus spinning around and around in circles.

It is amazing how all different aspects of my life seem to come together on occasion.  This is not necessarily a frequent occurrence so when it does happen I end up with an “AHA” moment or moments.  This happened this past weekend and while I am still mulling all of this over in my mind. I am cognizant enough to know that I am heading in a good direction for me.

I had listened to Sue Waters Advanced Blogging session and then attended online the EduCon 2.5  in Philadelphia where I was a participant in Joyce Valenza’s session on Curation: Three Ways. When it brought the two together I realized that the word I kept hearing was curating/curation.  In all honesty I knew what hoarding was, after all there is a show on television about extreme cases of it and I knew what collecting and curating were but had never applied them to technology and the vast amount of information that is out there and that I come across daily. When I think about it I probably bounce between hoarding (you never know when you will need it or as soon as I throw it away I will need it) and collecting but definitely not curating.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I visited this incredible gallery in 2009.Definitely curation

It was suggested that curating rather than collecting leads to critical thinking.  To make this easier we were asked what we would collect if we could only curate 10 topics.  I really liked this idea as it gave me boundaries as I tend to be very ADD when it comes to information on the internet.  I have begun to realize that now that I am no longer in the classroom full time I need to change my approach to what I am saving.  It is hard to let go though.

So I am in the process of creating my list of ten topics based on my new job as a Technology Integration Specialist for Grades 2-5.  I know that I obviously need to focus on iPads in the Classroom as that is our new initiative but need to move on from there.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am not even going to approach all of the apps that were mentioned in the session but it was stressed find the ones that I am most comfortable using and stick to those. Jumping from here to there doesn’t benefit anyone least of all me.  I am attracted to new apps and ideas and so I do jump but I am going to investigate new approaches to curation but with an essential question.  ”Will this app help me curate easier, faster or better than what I am already using?”

There is so much more I want to share about those two sessions but I think I will stop for now as my mind tries to catch up.

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