A Mouse goes Rebel

One of the areas that has really caught my eye since we began ETMOOC is curating.  I mentioned in the previous blog post that I had never really thought about curating but was going to investigate further.  Well, I have started that process and while I don’t know if my mind is any clearer on how I personally want to curate I have started to look at some of the tools that were mentioned in the Introduction to Social Curating session. The first one I am looking at is called Rebel Mouse.  I love the name.

I easily set up my account and then began reading about it.  They have pretty decent instructions on how to link to your different feeds though I am struggling to figure out how to delete my Pinterest feed.  Rather than just get my feed I seem to be getting everyone’s and I don’t want that.  I have to investigate a little further obviously.  They do have a good FAQ section and I was able to work out some of my issues by following that but not Pinterest.  I think the issue I am having with Pinterest feed that is coming in is that I am looking at Rebel Mouse as a way to curate by professional life not my personal life.  I only have one Pinterest account that is a hodge-podge of this and that.  I am thinking that I am going to have to set up another account that will only represent what I am involved in and learning professionally. Enough about Pinterest as I can spend hours lost inside that great app.

OK back to Rebel Mouse…. they do have a nice small bookmarklet that you can drag up to your bookmark bar.  I haven’t used it yet but I will shortly.  I am hoping that this works the way the Pocket bookmarklet works which is many instances is too easy. I still have over 300 items in that file to work through.

So while I don’t have a lot of detail on Rebel Mouse I am looking at it.  I just want to figure out how to get my Google Reader feed into it also but maybe I am trying to stretch the possibilities of the program.

The other question I have is this.  Am I just going to use Rebel Mouse for my own curating or am I going to use it in a social way and share with others?  Maybe for a now while I am investigating I will use it as my Personal Knowledge Management System.


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