Six Word Story? Sure. Why not?

Sadly, my Coursera MOOC has been shut down until they can work out the glitches. Funny. An online class designed to help you plan an OL class had to be closed for maintenance.

I hope they can make it work because I really, really liked the lectures and the readings. Incorporating group work into a MOOC is a fascinating instructional design question. Not one I can take up today, but maybe someday. I’m still trying to perfect group work with 22 students, so when the MOOC masters figure it out, I’ll take some of their ideas.

#etmooc is moving on with the next topic, and I spent some time checking out their Lip Dub.

People dancing with the Chihuahuas, I adore you! 

I did not participate in the creation of this lip dub, but I like seeing the enthusiasm of the people from all over the world for this course.

And who doesn’t feel fabulous singing along with Freddie Mercury? 

Speaking of fabulous, Topic #2 is right up my alley. Six Word Story, where have you been all my life?

  • Topic 2 (Feb 3-16): Digital Storytelling – Multimedia, Remixes & Mashups

The kind folks at #etmooc have encouraged us to do as little or as much as we can do. So the Six Word Story is for me. The Six Word story is about brevity. It’s also about the image. I could go on and on here. But I need to make it short: Week 5 is awfully busy in this teacher’s life. Click here to see my favorite example.

My Six Word Story for today: You left us too soon, Freddie.