Best Connectedness Video by@thecleversheep #etmooc #ceetopen

Build your Personal Learning Neighborhood

How? Learn from @thecleversheep

This presentation of Seven Degrees of Connectedness by Rodd Lucier @thecleversheep is the best introduction to connectedness, to taking a risk and starting to build a Personal/Professional Learning Network (or Neighborhood) I have seen. Real people. Real Stories.  Be sure to watch it, and you will want to start your own journey.

And he refers to this infographic by Silvia Tolisano @langwitches (her blog)  Look through these to see how you fit — it’s not linear, because we are all taking steps of connectedness in different directions — we’re  travelling through neighborhoods, some of which we observe and other we jump in to participate. The important thing is to start. And once you start conversing, you will find friends — friends you may never meet in person, but whom you will care deeply, and friends and colleagues from whom you will learn and share.

What might happen?  Read and watch here.

So…Go forth and build….  any suggestions to beginners? Please add in the comments !