Sharing and True Connections Online

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Well I just finished watching an amazing video from Alan Levine. He is looking for people to share “true stories” from connected experiences. Have you ever met that amazing blogger or shared a photo and where then asked to participate in something or speak somewhere? Please see his great video I embedded below.

I personally love love love this concept. You share and make an actual connection. From that something blossoms. I truly feel that is the ultimate compliment. As I just released a true digital story with goanimate, I can tell you it was a tough call for me. It’s so hard to share the truth sometimes, but we are a total of our experiences so maybe my story will inspire others to come forward, to know they are not alone but the passion for learning does not end.

If you have a great connection story, Alan would love to hear it and I will be watching closely. Check out his blog where you can post your story in any format.

I’m sad to say that at this time I cannot participate as I have made some connections but not in the way Alan discusses. For me, I was taught by an international educator, Jeff Utecht back in 2009 and as he began my journey of blogging and web2.0, I always looked up to him. He published a book a few years ago “Reach” which is a great book on creating your PLN and has tutorials for great tools. Was that a plug?

Anywho, I enjoyed the book so much and watch Jeff’s blog so closely that I made it required reading for my master’s class. I got to Skype with Jeff often as he was always available to Skype with my class, one email to Jeff and he is always there. For me, having someone being willing to give their free time to talk with my students over Skype and taking the time to get to know and discuss issues with Jeff has truly become the one “connected” experience I have had. Oh, wait,I don’t have a movie, but I wonder if Alan would think that story would count?

I hope someday to say I met or collaborated with someone from #etmooc, I have made what I consider to be “micro-connections” and follower’s but I cannot honestly say I have not experienced what I see, that is others who really look for each other on our twitter chats and say hello regularly online in blackboard, but I know it will come. Sharing is always paid back two folds.