Got a Minute? Connected Learning

In a follow up comment to my blog post, Open Movement, didn’t know it“, I replied to Christina Hendricks comment. “Thank you Christina, “Thanks for your comments. You keep me writing. It’s wierd, it only takes one comment and I’m inspired.”

Is that true for you too?? Yes, I blog to reflect, and learn but one comment put me down a path and as Alan Levine at has reminded me it’s connected learning at it’s best!

I couldn’t find Christina in a crowd, but I see her blogs and enjoy her comments. I always find myself thinking down a new road when I read her comments or twitter feeds. So I pulled apart my comment back to her as i went down so many roads. Gotta minute? (rhizomatic learning for ya).

” I was so tempted not to post this one as I feared I would be speaking french to some, but I hope I left enough links for it to make sense. Yes, I still doubt my posts!”. Ok, again, do you do this too?

I still have to post part II of my reflection and I’m in edit mode. I wonder if some just write and let it fly?? Do you just blog and hit submit? I could never, but I bet my family wishes I would.

Christina also commented she had “No idea I had been an engineer” Ok, Yes, I was a unix engineer for 11 years. Fell into Linux and always found databases such as mysql fun. It did not mix with family and I really got to the point that the next time my phone rang, I was going to say “call someone who cares”.

I started substitute teaching in 2004 and never looked back. Went and got my M.ed (Computer Technology) in 2009 and am CURRENTLY working on securing another public teaching position as Higher ed is fun but is not the connections I need. I miss the classroom, the goofiness, the relationships. Ok, I admit it, I miss Middle School, I miss my dedicated classroom, call me crazy. So Yes, In the job market again. Are you hiring?

It’ fun to make code work but trust me, stay on this side, we need you! It’s more fun too, did I mention that server work with linux/unix at the time was a command prompt, a large black background and tiny white command line code. At 42, my eyes are shot.

I share this to say, that the more I blog and the more I give, the more others learn about me and that is so cool. I wasn’t even thinking other’s would find my old career interesting as it did not relate to technology or education but someone found that interesting and it added to my digital identity for that person. Now that is powerful.

Connected learning at it’s best and people do learn more about you as you blog. 🙂