Useful or Not??

After spending these past few weeks learning a new technology, Classroom Suite in my case, I began to wonder how useful this software really is in using it for teaching purposes.  Are the features attractive?  What are some possibilities?  Would students like using it?  Is it user friendly?

IntelliTools describes the software as:

Classroom Suite is a unique software intervention tool developed based upon the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) that combines two educational paradigms—systematic, explicit instruction and flexible creativity tools—Teachers have control over specific learning objectives, allowing differentiated instruction for individuals or groups to help students in grades PreK-5 achieve mastery in reading, writing, and mathematics.

I’d say their description is…”Spot-On!”  I couldn’t agree more!  There are so many wonderful and “useful” features that it makes sense to use this software as much as possible in a classroom.  Is it useful?  You betcha, it sure is!  I can list all the features but it’s best you have a look for yourself here.  Best of all, students of all abilities can use this software!

It would be really nice though, if IntelliTools would list the corresponding BC PLO’s on their site too, (they list the USA Common Core Standards).  This would make it so much easier for teachers in BC to see, at a glance, how this software can help them in their classroom.  I think that would be most useful to alot of educators.

Other than taking the time to really learn how the software functions, Classroom Suite is a program that is fairly easy to use.  The learning curve is not that bad once the basics are mastered.  I’ve enjoyed learning this software very much, I’m excited to have opportunities within my job to share my knowledge with teachers, students and SEA’s and I look forward to becoming proficient with making and uploading activities to the activity exchange!

Cheers, Nadia