My #ETMOOC Experience: a reflection on reflecting

When I found this particular MOOC and considered joining it (knowing I was starting grad school and was about to begin the BIG class project about midway through it) I looked at it as an opportunity to connect what I was learning in grad school (I’m working on a Masters in Educational Technology) to what I want to do in my classroom.

It started out grandly.  I learned a lot about what being digital really means and how, teaching children the importance of using digital media in a productive manner can and will benefit them in the future. I THINK I made a few friends out there, once I figured out the twitter thing.  Well, people are following me now (that’s scary). Wordle: #ETMOOC reflection

I’ve actually blogged 25 times since starting this adventure.  Being an introvert and having the epiphany of how digital learning can benefit the introvert student has been the highlight of my adventure.  If you have been following my posts, I’ve been monitoring a particular student and thinking about how she is learning with more abandon now, because she has a new outlet for her “voice”.

I’ve also considered the auditory student (I happen to be one of those too).  Presenting lessons so they can hear them, over and over again if need to, is an important way to facilitate learning.  The myriad of digital ways to present lessons verbally is amazing.  I’m excited to be able to teach to as many learning styles as possible, via technology.

I’ve learned so much in the past 10 weeks, even though I fell off near the end due to other obligations.  I never thought I’d find a place on the internet that fed my need to grow in this particular area.  I want to go to conferences now, and visit classrooms where change is occurring.  I want to experiment and implement and turn the 4 walls of my personal educational universe into a place WITHOUT walls.

I want my students to expand their minds, and now have the tools to help make that happen.

I thank you all for the opportunity.  It is greatly appreciated.  Keep in touch, please.

Love you all!  Let’s go be BRILLIANT!!

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