Genius Hour is genius!

Finally I have found the time to write about my first Genius Hour experience- it was excellent! My students were totally engaged, so was I. It was so exciting to see them all absorbed by the work they had chosen and planned for themselves.

I’m glad I had made time for two planning sessions before our two hour genius hour. It helped my students be very clear on what they wanted to achieve in the time, whether it would be achievable and what they needed to have ready for the session. I had a note that went home, on itĀ students could ask for help from homeĀ (The note is based on someone else’s who was running great Genius Hour sessions in their classrooms. For the life of me I can not find the source of where I got this from, if it was you let me know so I can acknowledge you!) Here is the note I used For my Genius Hour project I will be working with

I found the two hour session worked well with my students. It was long enough for the students to complete their projects. Oh, I tell a fib, the two students making a Pivot stick figure animation didn’t complete it in the two hours. At the end of the two hours the students had a criteria sheet to complete as a way to help them reflect on Genius Hour and how they used the time. It wasn’t a very successful way of reflecting, the conversations we had were far more useful as were the questions asked by the students of the other students during sharing time.

My students are still talking about Genius Hour and desperate for another. Many of them have already planned what they will work on next time. I am going to talk to the other teachers about Genius Hour with the hope that we can have a whole school Genius Hour. How cool would that be?

I’ve connected with lots of other Genius Hour teachers through Twitter #geniushour . My students and I love reading about what other grades are doing. You can check out our class blog to see some of our Genius Hour writing

I’d love to hear about your Genius Hour experiences and what you plan to do next if you are a Genius Hour regular. Have you used it in different ways? Have you had a Genius hour for your staff?