POT – Program for Online Teaching – Introduction


This is my first blog post and introduction for the POT course. https://sites.google.com/site/potcertclass13/

I know, the name of the course sounds great – but the content and framework and the fact that it is all in Google fascinates me – so I am in it for the learning not just the cool name!

My name is Verena Roberts and I am hoping to make it through the year in this course. Why? Well, as a k12 teacher, I have taught online since 2008, but I was not asked if I was ever “certified” in it. In fact the whole online credentials part of online teaching is ambiguous in Canada. I got my first job as a k-3 online teacher because I had taken part of my Master’s program online. Now I am completing my MET degree at UBC – but I took an instructional design course as an option.My final project is on creating a learning pathway for informal and formal learning in Higher Ed. It’s all very confusing. So the certification and the actual learning about how you teach and design the course is interesting and important to me,

I am currently working as an open and eLEarning educational consultant, based out of Calgary, AB, Canada. I have contracts with iDesignEDU as a learning architect – which means I help mentor f2f Higher Education profs to create online courses. I work with a team to try and create cutting edge and pedagogically focused courses – which is why this course appeals  to me. I am also the acting Chief of Technology for  CANeLearn – the newly formed Canadian eLearning Network. I’m also doing some work promoting digital literacy and digital storytelling using alternative forms of assessment for indigenous youth.

This is my first time in this course, but I have been following Lisa for a while – and I figure it is time to really examine her online digital identity and professional design. No, I’m not stalking, but it is always nice to have role models in this line of business….

Looking forward to learning with you!

Verena :)