My first gif (in a very long while!)

Well I believe I have done it. I have created my first ever animated gif for DS106 ( a very easy one I admit.) Once upon a time, there was program called Fireworks that I did know how to use, but Macromedia was eaten up by Adobe and it disappeared. (though I have an old copy on my desktop.) Now it’s been a few years since I’ve used that program (masking, layers, etc) but I wasn’t bad at it. So you would think that I’d be comfortable wth GIMP but I am not. Not at all. I don’t have Photoshop either. So it’s me and And and I aren’t acquainted enough yet for me to feel confident with the software yet.
But this, this was easy. Sort of. Once I got the right software downloaded and watched a video tutorial.

So originally I tried to do this in Movie Maker. I used PwnYouTube to convert the movie as recommended by the DS106 Handbook. And it was easy to make the clip. However, when you want to convert it into a loop, Movie Maker doesn’t have that ability. So I searched online for something that did and came up with iWisoft Video Converter. I transferred the entire movie to the converter, followed the tutorial and voila! My first gif from a movie. The only downside is it comes with all of these lovely add ons (sarcasm!) to your web browser. If they slip past you just go into Chrome or Firefox, go to extensions and settings and remove them. If that doesn’t work, you’ll spend the rest of the evening like I am cleaning up my hard drive!