What I’m Learning: Creating an RSS feed from Gmail using Google Apps Scripts

While this is a very specific purpose, I am interested in the idea of using email to create content. Just think about a filter in gmail that could push to an rss feed. This means, any time someone (or some service) sent an email on a given topic, it could be available to anyone who could subscribe to the feed. The social nature of email could get very interesting.

Creating a ‘full fat’ RSS feed for Google Gmail labels (enabling some dark social judo) | MASHe

In this post I want to cover three things. First I want to introduce a little app I’ve developed which allows you to create a RSS feed for any of your Gmail labels (with the option to remove certain links – useful if you don’t want others unsubscribing you from mailing lists). Secondly I explain how it was made and how you can use it yourself. Finally I want to discuss how this could be used in an open course environment, utilising the vast processing power from services like Twitter and reusing there target marketing emails to your benefit with a bit of ‘dark social judo’.