Hope : A Message We All Need to Hear


Sharing an excellent reflection and resources.

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The following post was written by Vince Fowler a teacher at the Edge School in Calgary . He allowed me to share it with you. I think it is one of the best posts I have read, thus I am sharing it with you.

It would appear that the lives of most people who actively post on Facebook  are somehow living the perfect life – a life filled with laughter, with joy, money, friends, love, appreciation, amazing holidays, best job ever, best opportunities ever, etc… etc.

At times, it just might seem to you that everyone around you is having more fun than you, that their life is somehow better, more fulfilling and more rewarding than yours.

That’s just not reality.

Everyone has challenges. Everyone has fears. Everyone has pain… and I truly believe that we all have our own demons & skeletons kept secretly in our closets… under the…

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