Build With Me – Continuous Process

Tuesday I posted this article, filled with graphics inspired by fiends I’ve met in the Making Learning Connected MOOC. This morning I was encouraged to see this post, by Terry Elliott.

Terry added a range of comments to my first graphic.

He also added comments to my concept map showing knowledge flow.

I commented on Terry’s post, and suggested reading this article on the I-Open blog, showing some of the influences that led me to where I am today.

Then I used Terry’s graphic to add some additional comment to the knowledge flow map.

My additions emphasize that the roles of building and maintaining this knowledge base, increasing the number of people who view it, and facilitating understanding, is a role many people in many places need to take. Terry and CLMOOC participants who are re-mixing these, or Tweeting them to others, are taking that role.

Watch how this continues to unfold by browsing articles on the CLMOOC home page, or search for #CLMOOC on Twitter. There’s even a Facebook page.