The Pros and Cons of my ISTE Experience

​You know how Jimmy Fallon has his pros and cons lists for The Tonight Show?

Well, here is my list for my ISTE 2015 experience


Spending time with like-minded educators around the world. A while ago I blogged about how I love twitter because instead of just being able to collaborate with the teachers in my hallway, I was now able to collaborate with amazing teachers everywhere! The whole world became my hallway! Similarly, ISTE is like a face to face twitter feed! I am able to connect with all those same amazing teachers in person–we literally get into the same hallway finally! 
The hallway is super crowded!!! You have to become a professional person-dodger (new word: it works, right?) to make it from one end of the convention centre to the other!
You find yourself nodding along with all of the presenters.  You have found your people.

But it is hard to find the time to chat with your people.  Most folks are in a rush because there is so much going on. How do we ensure more real conversations are happening? With the people you know…and maybe even with someone new!

Choices! Choices! Choices!
I had dozens of workshops starred on the ISTE app (oh! there is another pro-the app). There were so many amazing workshops being offered and I wanted to go them all. I mean, when else do you get to attend workshops put on by inspiring educators from around the world?

You go to the sessions. BUT…now what?  I need a now what component!  I know what the issues are…let’s talk solutions.  Maybe we need to have a discussion area for people who want to continue ‘nerding out’ post-presentation and discuss.  I felt like a lot of what I heard at ISTE was preaching to the choir…and…I already believe! I am with you! Now let’s talk about what we are going to do next…Please! 

I had a great time at ISTE, but I left wishing there had been more time to talk about some of the awesome (and practical) things we are doing in our classrooms.  I love the big ideas but I also want to talk about the small, actionable steps we can take. You know?
Next time, I am going to make sure I spend more time having smaller-group and face to face discussions. Though as soon as I typed that, I thought “and still go to lots of sessions”…haha…It seems that what I need is a clone!