Quality Matters Monday: Standard 7.1

It’s Quality Matters Monday! Each Monday, we highlight a Quality Matters standard and review its importance in an online course and how we evaluate this

Today, we are reviewing Quality Matters Standards 7.1

General Standard 7addresses Learner Support.

Click here to view Quality Matters Standard 7.1 in the Quality Matters Rubric.

This standard specifically addresses that the course instructions articulate or link to a clear description of the technical support offered and how to
obtain it.

· Technical support for learners differs from school to school and includes such information as how to log in; how to use the tools and features of the
learning management system; and how to get help desk support. Technical support does not include help with course content or assignments or academic or
support services those will be discussed in next couple of weeks.

· As an instructor you need to be sure that technical support services are mentioned within your course or the learning management system. You could:

o Give a description of the technical support services provided by your school including a link to a technical support website

www.FacultyeCommons.com  QM Std. 7.1 Discussed

QM Std. 7.1 Discussed. #edtech

o List an email or phone number for your school’s technical support center or help desk

o Provide a link to “frequently asked questions”

AP Guidance:
List needed technology skills and software for success in the course in your syllabus and include the links for technical support there as well. Please
also consider adding all technical support contact info to your “University and Course Polices” folders in your “Start Here” sections. A university should
be consistent from course to course as to where the support information is listed so students don’t have to hunt for it.

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