Playing “Hangman” online with Realtime Board 

For our game of Hangman, my fellow online tool explorer Lindsey and I tried out Realtime Board, a tool for collaborative brainstorming. I found it simple to register as an individual for the free version, which I did through my Gmail account. Having used the board tools in other collaborative applications it was straightforward to figure out how to use the main functions on the whiteboard. Our game of Hangman proceeded smoothly using the drawing pen on the whiteboard and the running comment box tracking the dialogue. The only real challenge to this tool was the lag time between the writing of comments and when they got posted to the comment box which detracted from the flow of the game.The free version allows for 13 collaborators who are easy to invite via an email address.  Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to live chat, video chat, or screen share in the free version, but we could live text which shows in the comments dialogue box. A whiteboard can be exported as a PDF file or can be sent to your Google Drive, however the Google drive option didn’t work for me. This collaborative tool is also offered in a free educational version (which I didn’t try) and a Pro version which apparently would have allowed us an unlimited number of collaborators, 3 GB of storage space and access to live video chat and screen sharing. #benefitschallenges