Making video profiles

I just finished making my first video recording and it was quite an ordeal. Being the kind of person who even stumbles over leaving a message on voice mail, this assignment for my online communications course definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone. The seminar group introducing us to “Building Virtual Communities” asked us to create a 2- minute video profile using screencast-o-matic and share it with our cohorts via our Weebly websites. You can check mine out on my e-profile page for OLTD 503. It took more than 20 takes to get one that was acceptable and then I discovered I had saved it in the wrong file format and had to do it again. For some reason my computer took a very long time uploading the video to Screencast-o-matic and the final video stops frequently and cuts off the last few seconds of the original. I hope to try again and think maybe if I save it as a smaller file format it will load and play better. I really appreciated the step-by-step instructions the group gave us for conducting this activity.

After watching the videos of my classmates I feel that I know them much better and realize that I if I had revealed more about my personal journey to this point in my life then my profile would be more, well, personal. I really enjoyed learning some things about their journeys and feel more connected with them as a result, so I’m really glad I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone and made to be more sociable online in this way.

​In terms of pros and cons, I can’t see any cons to this activity other than perhaps revealing more than one might want others to know. This is something we must remind ourselves and our students about whenever we post information online. Even within a secure and closed group someone could copy your information and publish it to a broader audience than you had intended and without your permission. On the other hand, this sharing of personal stories through video has contributed to the connection I feel for my online classmates, one that is much stronger than I have felt in most of my face-to-face classes. I will certainly try to make introductory videos for my online classroom and will encourage my students to try it in some form as well. I’m really glad I was pushed to debut my video-selfie skills and hope the worst of my stumbling is behind me.