Adaptability to Online Education: Replacing Failure with Success

Those of us engaged in and stimulated by #etmooc (an online Educational Technology & Media course) and other training-teaching-earning endeavors already have plenty of evidence that the best online learning offerings can produce results at least as good as what comes out of the best face-to-face learning.…

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The College Scorecard — as mentioned in last night’s State of the Union Address — is now available



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On notice, again – from by Libby A. Nelson

Excerpt (emphasis DSC):

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Tuesday night called for major changes to the criteria accreditors use to evaluate colleges, asking Congress to either require accreditors to take college prices and educational value into account or to create an alternative system based on “performance and results.

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Game-changing reflections re: “College branding: The tipping point” [Dooley]

College branding: The tipping point — from by Roger Dooley


Change is coming to this market. While there are multiple issues of increasing importance to schools, two stand out as major game-changers.


From DSC:
Important notes for the boards throughout higher education to consider:

Your institution can’t increase tuition by one dime next year.

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