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A day to go in Week two of 23 Things so a rather rushed approach.

Thing 3: Digital Footprint, reading includes:

It is important for you to think about how you manage your activity online in the context of your emerging professional identity (or identities) and what you need to do to manage an effective online presence and your digital footprint.

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Through the Noise: Balance in a Digital World


Photo Credit: giulia.forsythe via Compfight cc

When thinking about balance in a digital world, three questions come to mind: Why is balance necessary, how do we demonstrate or measure it, and are educators modelling, achieving, and accepting it? These questions, I believe, are vital in determining how successful we will be in navigating the digital world – educationally, socially, and emotionally.…

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where is my place? time passes, lines are etched roles and…

where is my place?

time passes, lines are etched
roles and responsibilities leave their mark
my place is there
is being there enough?
does my work contribute?

space expands, routes are traveled
decisions and queries forge a path
my place is there
is being there enough?…

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Leveraging for Legacy


image: my student, Sam St. John

I’ve been really enjoying participating in #etmooc, and the last Blackboard session with Alec got me thinking of connectivism again. Each year I have my IB Theory of Knowledge students read “Knowing Knowledge” by George Siemens (2006)

KnowingKnowledge_LowRes (1)

Last year we had a lively socratic circle activity with a Twitter backchannel, but this year I decided to include the reading and obligatory reflection in their semester exam.…

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