#winterwondergram: Patterns and Diversions

An Instagram Perspective Story

I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with hashtags and social media lately, particularly because:

1. Finding stories with data intrigues me

2. I like the serendipity aspect

3. I want to further explore McLuhan’s “medium is the message/massage” concept

One blog post I’d recommend is this one by Clive Thompson:

“The Tag Is the Soul of the Internet”

He addresses the McLuhan/Innis notion of bias in communication:

“That how a medium functions is far more interesting and powerful than the content that travels over it.”

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#etmooc Tweet Chat: Navigating Streams and Rivers

Fascinated by and immersed in Twitter backchannels and tweet chats, I’ve recently been assisting learners in the latest offering of our ALA Editions Social Media Basics course as they explore live chat sessions in a variety of social media platforms.

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Advanced Blogging

Image: ‘string of pearls’
Found on flickrcc.net

Had an amazing session with Sue Waters. This was the first session where I really felt I was “getting it” I was able to listen to Sue, communicate with others in the chat, I collected some great resources and learned a few new tips and tricks that will definitely help me be a better blogger, teacher, and member of the online education community.…

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