How Being Connected had Impacted my Classroom

World Influence

I totally love the above picture. I took this a few minutes ago from my wordpress statistics and it shows a map of everywhere in the world my blog has been read. Imagine…. that my thoughts have been shared with people on almost every corner of the globe.…

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Connected from the Start

hand up

hand up by flickr user L.Bo via CC

Raise your hand if any of the following applies to you:

a) you hear people talking about using Skype or blogging in their classrooms, but really aren’t sure what they’re talking about or why they might want to do that;

b) you would LOVE to do some connecting with other classrooms around the world, but just aren’t sure how to take the first steps;

c) you have your class blogging, but would like to find some ways to take it “up a notch”, and find an authentic audience for your class;

d) you sometimes have an urge to pound your head against the wall, as you try to explain to people that meaningful, real tech integration is possible in their classrooms – even primary classrooms?…

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