Best Bagger Competition

My 1st DECA Event is a Winner

The Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association held its state competition on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg, PA. As co-adviser for DCTS‘s DECA chapter, I had the privilege of taking several students to help facilitate with the festivities.…

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DCTS Blast

A Blast from the Past

This is a collection of links that showcases students who participate in community outreach and student activities. The information is featured in the school’s monthly newsletter, DCTS Blast.

  • New teacher feature

  • DECA MDA check presentation
  • Cabela’s Field Trip
  • Penn State Entrepreneurship Conference

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Student Exhibitions

A Positive Contribution

One of my former students was featured in the Bux-Mont Living. I created a layered photo to accentuate the quote. You can do it, too, here are 10-easy steps:

Former student is quoted and I wanted to capture it in a new and novel way.

Click on photo to view larger version

Step 1: Scan as a photo (this will ensure it’s saved a .jpg…

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!


One of the courses I teach at  Montgomery County Community College is the MOS Certification. I have several students who work diligently on their new workforce skills through college-level training programs. I’d like to share a story about one of my students who spends 25 hours a week honing his skills — 4 of these hours were spent in my Monday night class.…

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