Registered for etMOOC course starting tomorrow.

Hi All, I am Paul Pivec and even though I am an experienced developer, nothing is ever easy. I have an existing web site running under wordpress, which I use for my academic bibliography. However, I have never used a blog on this site, just utilised the static pages. Hence I could use this for the etMOOC course as a new fresh start. How hard can it be ?

Well, first I needed to update wordpress as not to have any security issues, this then wanted an update to theme and plugins, which in turn needed an update to Java, which in turn took my server down – sigh!

Hence after a few hours of mumbling into my keyboard, I have set up this blog page, set up an About.Me page, and registered this with cogdog (who has just told me of some issue which I need to now look into).

So if any of you are feeling inadequate or overwhelmed by technology….dont. I have been in this industry for over 30 years and teaching it for the past 10, and I still have frustration that drive me nuts.

That then needs to be it for the first entry. If you wish to know my academic history, check out this site where you are now, my industry experience is on LinkedIn, also available from here, and there is also the about me page.