Thanks to Comments, I Feel Connected-Best learning day ever!

Today, I opened my email account and yes there are comments to be moderated on my blog. I cannot begin to describe how excited I got! Still am! Wow, comments are a driving force and the pleasure you receive is odd to say the least. I think it goes with “I have been acknowledged”. I have hit a topic that others in the same predicament and the commenting was amazing as was the advise and knowledge shared with me.

Ok, so now to the next task, thanking everyone, replying and reading the wonderful links sent to me. I have received great advice and I have made new connections. I have learned and shared. Ah, the joy of the comment cannot go without heed any longer. This is awesome, I want to write great blog posts everyday now, join more mooc’s or communities where I can learn and share more more… I wonder if that is what makes “us” different, this intense need to share, to get suggestions, to learn an open online format. So you may wonder when I say “us” but that I mean those of us who joined a mooc, have a blog, like to wiki and most importantly love to find new software/applications to help us embrace our main love which is education.

I will be honest about one more feeling today, a little fear,. What if I do not have another good blog post? What if I am not an eloquent writer? What if my point doesn’t make sense? I know many of you must be feeling this way as I have for years (I just never admitted it). Are my thoughts and finds good enough for a good blog post? Should I write about…..?? Can I add more aspects of my personal life?? For the first time since I my blog started, I no longer am willing to let these insecurities hold me back. So for you beginners and those new to blogging or etmooc, congratulations and blog away. We all feel lost in blog land sometimes. …

So there it is, my best online learning day in a long time.

My question now is how do we turn it around and give it back? I want everyone willing to blog and share to have such a great day. Can we all resolve to comment on 2-3 blogs a day? Would you do this if it was asked of you as a condition to participating in this particular #etmooc?

And I need to pay it forward, look at this great post from a fellow etmoocr that I can Please take a moment to read …Lisa Sanderson’s blog at, she has a great post on connected learning and crowdsourcing.