#ETMOOC Digital Storytelling

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     The #ETMOOC community is currently discussing Digital Storytelling and I couldn’t be more pleased because I recently attended a PD session on Digital Storytelling and also have a university assignment due this week in which I have to create a digital story! Perfect? I think so 🙂

Don’t You Love It When Things Work Out??

     There was several different projects to undertake in this topic depending on your familiarity with digital stories, your interests and your time commitment! There included reflective blogging about digital storytelling, creating animated GIFS, creating a digital story, creating a 6-word story, and a lot more. From the very beginning of this project I knew I wanted to “kill two birds with one stone” and explore this #ETMOOC topic while still being able to meet the requirements of my English project as well. What resulted was, That Time I Made A Digital Story: A Tutorial On How To Make Digital Stories.

     Since I had only learnt these skills a few weeks ago at the PD session I mentioned earlier, it was my hopes that this tutorial-style story would help me solidify these new skills while creating an easy tutorial for people who are also beginners.

     If you would like to see some of the amazing digital stories being created this week by the #ETMOOC community follow the #ETMOOC hashtag on Twitter or visit the #ETMOOC blog hub which houses all the blog posts being shared on the topic.