Late September Photoblitz

These two things don't belongMostly lightFucshia DahliaBrick ConvergenceTIme's Up

Photoblitz, a set on Flickr.

I did my photoblitz on Saturday morning outside my house and opened the garage for some ideas.  Unfortunately being under a tight deadline does not bring out my best attributes and I didn’t end up with a lot of photos.  Of the few I shot, I chose the above five as the ones I most like.

The shot of two things that don’t belong (a toboggan and a pair of flippers) was made from the selection of summer and winter items in the garage.  Unfortunately I placed the items up against a wall and was not able to back up far enough to properly frame them in the picture.  The photo is not very good, but I hope the subject matter makes up for this.

The second photo is of some money plants that I am drying in the garage. They were lit up by sunlight coming in through a window.   I was trying to capture something with mostly light shades, although there is a fair amount of dark in this picture.  The seed pods themselves are quite interesting.

The picture of the dahlia is blurry and out of focus because just after I took that shot I realized that my camera was on a portrait session (for how long I am not sure)  and I was not able to focus on the flower properly despite using a macro setting.  I was trying for the primarily one colour photo.  I like how the colours are flattened and that there is not much detail.

For the converging lines photo, I was planning to take a picture of a path leading out to the road, but it didn’t work out at all.  While trying to take that photo I noticed the lines on the bricks.  The photo is not very interesting but it does embody converging lines quite well.

The photo I like best is the one I took at the very end of the photoblitz when my phone alarm went off as it tells the story of the blitz.  It indicates that time is up and there is a reflection of me taking the picture framed with converging lines.  Needless to say this was all a happy coincidence.