Design Week. Best. Week. Ever (so far).

Week Six is design week and has been my favourite so far.  The design blitz/safari was a lot of fun and, as I was away from work for four of the five days this week, I was able to take some photos of things I don’t usually see during the week.

Balance and metaphorCensoredNestedGood Grips DesignRoyal York SubwayTitanic stamps

Design Blitz, a set on Flickr.

DS106 brain has started taking over my life as I am constantly seeing things that could be useful in daily creates, assignments and blog posts.

Daily Creates

Over the meadow and through the woodsTDC632 was to draw a map that shows alternate paths from here to there.  When I think of two ways of getting to the same place I tend to think of a slow scenic route and a fast, boring route (on a straight soulless highway).  I tried to show the meandering route as more interesting with colours and things to see.  The fast route is gray and “as the crow flies”.  It is direct but of little visual interest.

TDC633 involved taking a close look at the food you eat by creating a video.  To create this video I used iMotion HD, a free iPhone app that I learned about from fellow DS106er who used it to create TDC626.   Dinner is served is a very brief video using stop motion pictures of me serving up some Sweet Chili Chicken. The most interesting part, the iPhone flying into said Sweet Chili Chicken, was not caught in the video.

The third daily create I did was TDC631, 20 Ways to Document Your Learning.  I did this very literally making a list of 20 ways.  When I graded myself on how many I had done in the previous week, I got a failing grade 8/20.


This week I completed the design blitz and three other assignments which I have written up in other blog posts.  I am definitely at the stage (as Ira Glass mentions) of there being a large gap between what I am envisioning and what I am creating.

Design Assignment 356

MOOCS for Librarians

Visual Note Taking 101

Meeting Doodles

I tried visual note taking once before and that was also during a conference about MOOCs and Libraries. I doodle a lot, so this would seem to be a reasonable choice of activity, but it needs lots of practice.  See Acme Doodle blog post for more.

Design Assignment 366

Alternative Orlando Book JacketVirginia Woolf would probably be rolling in her grave if she could see this, but then perhaps she wouldn’t know what it is as I don’t think it opened until the 70s. Check out the Magic Realism blog post for more.

Design Assignment 367

Stop Dithering. Get Ready to Create. Go Join DS106 Now.

DS106 Propaganda

This assignment was fun but frustrating as I struggled with Photoshop. More details in the DS106 Propaganda post.

Radio Show

I am part of the Merry Hacksters group, but so far have only contributed a couple of ideas to our merry band.  I hope to be able to get some sound bytes this week that I can use in one of our segments.