Lip dub

So I created a lip dub for the daily create. It’s more complicated and less complicated than you think to do. First I had to pick a song about the radio. Thanks to my son Philip’s suggestion to sing the Monty Python song “I bet you they won’t sing this song on the radio”, that part was much less difficult than it could have been. The song is the perfect length being approximately 1:00 minute long, is easy to sing to and has enough pauses to catch your breath. So I recorded myself singing along which took a number of takes (this is not something you can do in twenty minutes!) I used Movie Maker to edit the film. I was completely frustrated at first because I couldn’t see any way to edit the film and keep it in sync with the music. Finally, I placed a picture in the front of the movie and just played with how long the picture needed to remain there before the movie started. It took a bit of fiddling but I did get it to sync almost perfectly. Loading it to youtube took a bit of work (youtube is attached to my gmail account and movie maker to my outlook account- they don’t get along too well sometimes. Definitely not kissing cousins!) but I got it done.

Now for the part that doesn’t make me happy. After spending quite a bit of time making sure that my singing matched the words, loading it onto youtube seems to have moved it out of sync. Oh well. Something perhaps to try again sometime. For some reason even though it has TDC642 in the title it doesn’t seem to show up on the daily create.  Here’s my lip dub!