Vanessa, I believe that we first met in Multiliter…

Vanessa, I believe that we first met in Multiliteracies three years ago. Now we share several online groups, including the Coursera Cafe, which I believe is a great example of rhizomatic learning (even though most of the time we are just fooling around).

My first experience with a cMOOC was CCK08 and I ran away screaming after two weeks. I wasn't ready, but that was before my first Multiliteracies course.

I hope Vance will keep offering MultiMOOC in the years to come. When I lose track of what I am doing elsewhere and why, I come back to MulitMOOC. So, I am very proud of my new badge.

You say: "…embracing chaos means letting go, which includes not worrying or feeling guilty about it." Great advice.