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Shopping is Learning

Retail Marketing & Sales students of DCTS at Buffalo Wild Wings in Colonial Park Mall

Retail Marketing & Sales students of DCTS at Buffalo Wild Wings in Colonial Park Mall.

There are plenty of reasons why taking students on a field trip to the Colonial Park Mall is educational. Laced with opportunities, my DCTS students were engaged in an environment fit for Retail Marketing & Sales. They honed their skills in budgeting, time management, team building and networking.

1. Students flexed their budgeting skills by shopping and dining on a dime.

2. The group also had to manage their time by adhering to the schedule without any bells to indicate that it’s time to move from one part of the building to another. In as few words as possible — They did an awesome job!

3. We practiced team building at Buffalo Wild Wings.  The students worked together on making decisions about things such as what to eat and what the answers were to the trivia game. The lunch atmosphere lent itself to pleasant discussions and laughter. And just so you know…the wing sauce is very, very hot!

4. We learned the power of networking. We were joined by the marketing director, Susan Ariail of Glimcher Realty Trust.  Susan is not only instrumental in the success of the mall, she is an asset to The Retail Marketing & Sales program at DCTS. In fact, Susan’s role is multifaceted: she is a member of my Occupational Advisory Committee as well as a NOCTI judge. In fact, two of seniors got to meet her before the practical portion of the exam, which will take place in a few weeks.

Judging by the smiles on their faces, the field trip was fun. And don’t tell the students, but it was also educational!