Driving Reuse by Perception Software

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There are many benefits of parts reuse in the supply chain such as shortened development cycles and getting leverage with vendors because of increased volumes. One of the big hindrances to enabling reuse is getting the right people the right data at the right time and Cisco’s Greg Twiss (Director of Engineering Supply Chain and top 10% of patent holders) realized this big gap and architected Intelligent Search into the culture of Cisco for discovering parts/BoM related information. Now they are realizing benefits of over $1.5M/year in savings and significantly reducing the frustration of Product Operations team members (Engineers, Manufacturing, Supply Chain) in getting Part/BoM related information that they need. In this webinar Greg Twiss highlights the need and benefits of the implementation of Intelligent Search using Perception Software’s Encompass product. For more information: Perception Software

Driving Reuse


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