And it’s out of the park…!


If my learning project for OLTD is to be compared to a game of baseball I would say that in the last two weeks I have been getting walks.  I was progressing but it wasn’t particularly satisfying.  I lacked the tools to apply my knowledge and gain practical experience.

This week I feel more like I hit a home run.

This week’s training focused on Google Slides and Google Play for Education.  Thanks to a YouTube video produced by Teach 101 I discovered how to access Google Slides and Google Sheets which I had previously been unable to locate.  Bam!  The hands-on experience I had been anxious for.  I was even able to download the apps onto my iPhone!  You would have thought I had won the lottery I was so excited. 

I took the opportunity to record my first attempt at creating a slide show using Google Slides.  It turned out to very simple to use and had most of the features that I was familiar with from PowerPoint, such as transitions, animations, themes, embedded images and videos.  I am excited to play around with it more and explore some of the more advanced features such as audio. hyperlinks and Word Art.  I know how impactful PowerPoint presentations can be and with students having the ability to create presentations in Google Slides and upload them to Google Drive to share with their teacher or classmates it is another way for students to demonstrate their understanding. That is always a good thing.  More choices.  More students engaged in learning.


Yes, my AdministrayGoogle Slides Screencast

With the free online training offered by Google and the other open resources available to me, I am gradually becoming more confident that I will be successful in my leadership role as Ed Tech mentor at my school next year (yes, my principal is putting my name forward for the position) when Google Apps for Education is rolled out in my district. After all, I aced my unit 10 exam 🙂

Unit 10 Screencast

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Created: 25 August 2006