Learning Reflections

Sherry Hegstrom – Emerging Technologies in Education commented on a post by Jeff UtechtWHAT DOES IT MEAN TO DISCONNECT?

Jeff asked the question:

Are you consuming, using or creating with technology?

And demonstrates the answer with a pie chart representing statistics on Internet participation.

1% Internet Rule

He goes on to ask:

“How many of you take things from the web to use in your lessons and classroom?” Almost always 100%

“How many of you take the things you have created and share them on the web for others to use?” Almost always roughly 10%. Which falls short of the 80/20 Rule:

The chart really drives the issue home. I am not surprised by the results of the pie chart. Generations have been brought up to lurk. Our whole educational system limits us to lurking and we don’t know anything else. Now we have the potential for so much more. To move from content consumers to content creators.

How much time do I spend consuming vs creating?

Sherry quoted Jeff   in her post “Let’s take a step back and look at what we ask students to do in our classrooms. How much time in a given day do students create/innovate/problem-solve vs how much time do they consume?

What if we changed this?
What if we created….creators?
What if we allowed students to create things……anything really?

Sherry went on to say:

I love these questions and I think that they should not only be applied to our students but ourselves. What if we just sat back, created, produced and shared. At best your lesson or educational ideas may improve and in some cases take off. You never know. I know that is certainly happening in #etmooc but I will be honest (for me, etmooc, has made me feel more comfortable to share, I have so much to reflect on and I know you do too).

Yes, we need to break free from lurking and move on to sharing and creating.