Do you moderate your comments?

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As my never ending endeavor to continue to be a contributor and producer in the #etmooc community and a better blogger in general, I am still spending time reviewing blogs and trying to leave thoughtful comments. I learn so much from watching comments and thread’s take off that I love being able to get feed’s and emails from blogs I have commented on previously.

I am noticing a new trend, I did not see a few years ago and I find it so odd as we are in the age of “digital identity” and citizenship.

Many people let my comments fly and do not moderate their comments. I have to admit I am usually quite shocked when this happens. So I have to ask. Why would you allow someone to comment to your blog or any “uploaded” work” without moderating their work first. The comment could be horrible, or in my case I get a lot of advertisements which I assume are spam and delete them immediately. I certainly do not allow a comment to hit the www were all can see, if I have no idea what it says or if it represents me and who I am trying to relate/connect with.

I used to have my middle school students read the following PDF. “This is Me“. It really relates to how we are perceived on line. So for those of you who don’t moderate or are not sure where the setting is, please give a shout. Don’t let other’s comment’s help define who you are online.