I’m MOOCing Again, TeachtheWeb

Hello fellow, #teachtheweb particants.  I am so excited to be a part of a new MOOC. Please feel free to look around my blog and get to know me. 

 I have to warn you I loved Etmooc!  So I may have big expectations, but that’s Ok, I’m a self motivated learner and hope I can share and produce as much as possible.

So, I think I like MOOCs.  This one is different, the format changes but not too much, my google plus community is still there just a new one.  I love participating in online sessions via chat or blackboard, skype etc. but am not able to make the 11am timeframe here in NH.  No problem, I can still watch and reflect but I will miss the live online interaction.  I am not a fan of twitter chats, I get lost down one road and boom, the conversation is over but I will always try to participate and share when I can.

I’m leaving my animoto video here to say hello and introduce myself.  I hope you enjoy it. I’m working on my Mozilla Thimble page and I already love the tool for teaching.  I can see a whole new blog post in the works when I am done playing..  I have taught web design and blogging for a while and it makes HTML so easy!!  I promise to post my new page when it’s done.  For now, saying hello to new teachtheweb friends and new connections!