Student Exhibitions

A Positive Contribution

One of my former students was featured in the Bux-Mont Living. I created a layered photo to accentuate the quote. You can do it, too, here are 10-easy steps:

Former student is quoted and I wanted to capture it in a new and novel way.

Click on photo to view larger version

Step 1: Scan as a photo (this will ensure it’s saved a .jpg file extension)

Step 2: Save to ______ (I used the desktop)

Step 3: Open Power Point

Step 4: Insert picture

Step 5: Begin layering – you’ll need a few layers (1) background (2) quote (3) Bux-Mont information

Step 6: Manipulate the graphics to appease the style for which you are striving

Step 7: Insert magnifying glass Clip Art

Step 8: Apply a picture frame

Step 9: Save as a .jpg

Step 10: Contact student and seek permission to showcase news via social media

If you’re looking to use layering and need more tips for how to complete your

final product please visit