Big Bug in the Bathroom

I got freaked out by a large cockroach in my bathroom before bed last night. I went to pick it up to throw it out the front door and it flew at my face so I screamed and then slammed the shower door (so cockroach is still in there). I had trouble sleeping because I was imagining the cockroach wa coming upstairs to get me. Finally fell asleep at 2 and must have been tired as there is a clock in town that rings at 7 and I totally didn’t hear it.

There are lots of products around here that have pictures of roaches on them. I’ll have to ask someone for a recommendation
but thanks for thinking of me.
My strategy is normall to try and drown any bug that I see in the bathroom but this cockroach was crawling up my wall and he didn’t care if he got sprayed. Over the last month I have also thrown towels over large beetles and picked them up and set them out the front door , but flyying insects are new to me. Somehow when something is that large I just can’t kill it. But then I worry about it too.
My best friend Lorrianne had the following suggestion:

I saw on Pinterest somewhere that you take a pop bottle – cut it in half and invert the top and tap it back into the bottom – put some attractive liquid inside and they come in and can’t get out…pretty cheap solution

You don’t kill the bugs? You are such a humanitarian…

Anyone else have any other advice, or I will be a very smelly teacher