ETMOOC – It has been a busy year

I am not sure how to start this but this is what I have been doing since the end of ETMOOC.  I was an ETMOOC dropout, toward the end I just was too busy to keep up.  So here is what I have been doing since ETMOOC.  I got 2 new jobs.  I have been working my Classroom Video Production IBook which now going to be several shorter books like a Kindle single. You can download a pdf sample at  Every year I try to do a little more film and video production then the previous year. Last summer was no exception. I worked on 2 short films and 1 feature length film.   I starting producing educational videos on how to use iPhones and iPads. When iOS 7 was announced when stopped production for a little while to wait.  I now have 60 plus videos that either have been released or are about to be.  We released 3 this week at this link  here.

I got part time job teaching online right before the school year started.   It was a last minute thing and I took hoping it would lead to full time employment.  It has been great.  I have really enjoyed teaching online.  It has taken a little bit to get used to the format.  The school considers the format hybrid.  The full time staff come in a couple of days a week to help tutor students.  This is a little weird to me because I thought that was the point for students to not go to school.  When I have been there the classroom is full.

I also got a full time job teaching at another school.  I started out to be a really fantastic year.  Everyone was extremely helpful and they even addressed problems I was having in a quick manner.  I thought everything was going perfect.  Then my daughter got sick.  That is when it went haywire.  With a sick daughter and spending 3 hours a day in the car commuting.  I begin to realize that all schools are alike, some schools just hide the flaws better.  It just sometimes takes a while to see it.  It was wasn’t worth giving up the time with my family when there are plenty of places closer to work.

So I am looking for a new job again.  It is extremely hard to find jobs teaching video production.  There really aren’t any openings locally.  Most of the opening are on the other side of the country.  Even though I really would love to apply for jobs in California, New Orleans and Miami.  It isn’t very realistic.  I am usually one of the few higher qualified candidates.  Prior experience in both education and video production opens a lot of doors for me.  If I don’t get a call it is usually because they are hiring someone internally who may or may not have the qualifications.  I know this because of the jobs I haven’t been offered I usually research to see who was hired.  Even so this would mean packing up and moving this summer which traditionally has not been my best decisions.  So I am concentrating on educational tech jobs which are slightly less scarce then video production jobs.

Wish me luck.