Academic Honesty and Creative Commons

A few years ago in connection to a presentation Samuel was giving, we made a digital booklet of how to find media teachers/students can use without infringing copyright. As I have started working with my students to create media products this year I have wondered how this might look in a lower elementary classroom and what apps/sites can help students use other people’s work honestly.

Academic Honesty is a big deal in the IB. Most particularly in the DP program yet what are the lower grades if not a preparation for the higher? This presentation from the IB site covers the topic very well.
This week, the students and I have been finishing there 3 part summative assessment for their 5th UOI. It was a long term project that included researching their animal, creating an artwork of their animal, and combining all their work into an illustrated, narrated documentary using the iPad app Explain Everything.

We use the Super3 (modified Big6) Information Seeking Process (ISP) so I broke the assessment into three stages.

Plan: Define the task, research the animal starting with generic questions, and write the script.

Do: Record the documentary and find pictures (Creative Commons images from Flickr).

Review: Reflect on the experience of making the documentary.

Here is one example, stored on Dropbox