Heart of A Community: BCHS Students Fill Their Hearts

One of the innovative projects I am pleased to work on this year involves a collaboration between myself, another counselling colleague and our art teacher. BCHS Spectrum Club’s mission is to bring people together and spread a message of love and acceptance. Our aim is to educate and bring awareness to students while expanding our community of caring and school spirit. Last year our group was provided with a grant Supporting Diversity, Equity and Human rights of the ATA to help promote our club’s mission. We have chosen to use the grant to purchase materials needed to complete three Art Therapy projects throughout the year. Our first project  in Decemeber involved mask making and was a hit with 50 students in our community. This month we are looking to continue our success while exploring THE HEART OF OUR COMMUNITY.

 February:  2nd Art Therapy Based Project – DEHR

WHO– All Bishop Carroll students, however a special invite to our Spectrum, Mental Health, Whose Frank, Transitions and Sheldon Kennedy Youth Champions.

WHAT– Students will create an art piece on a 8X8 canvas using  multi media materials such as acrylics, magazines, feathers etc. Each heart that the student creates will be unique to them.

WHERE– Art Room

WHEN– February 24, 2017

WHY– All students need to feel included. Having students create hearts allows them to be creative while understanding that relationships develop in a positive manner when we speak from the heart, act from the heart and listen from the heart.

The heart is often a symbol of love, joy, charity and compassion. The purpose of creating hearts on canvas is to have a creative outlet that lets you take your mind off all the stresses in your life, and focus on what really matters. When you speak from your heart how does that impact you? When others speak to you from their hearts how does that affect you? Who matters to you? What matters to you?

This art project is a time for you to connect to your inner emotions. A time to think about who you are and what really matters in your life. It’s a time to create, unwind and be your authentic self.


  1. We will start with video and discuss how people don’t see what is inside our hearts and when they do, they start to perceive us differently.

2) Students will be asked to  do a rough draft of a heart on a 10X10 paper. Once we have introduced and discussed the importance of the heart of a community and students have completed their rough draft, they will then use paints to create their pieces of art of canvas.  Heart of A Community: BCHS Students Fill Their Hearts.

  • Students will be encouraged to use the following questions to help guide them  in creating thier individual heart as part of the BCHS Heart of a Community. We will be displaying your hearts together, symbolizing that while we are each unique, together we are better. Use symbols or words to express some or all of these questions. The questions are used as a guide to get your thoughts flowing.
  1. Who are the people that you hold dearly, in your heart?
  2. What experiences have you had that have impacted your heart? What are some key memories, positive or negative, that you wish to share symbolically?
  3. What are the things that you love to think about or do that really matter to you?
  4. What colors or feelings will you place inside of your heart?
  5. What do you want to do in your future? Where do you think your heart and your passions will take you?

3) At the end of the activity the canvases will be collected and displayed in a collage/ mosaic formation. The image will represent the HEART of BCHS

Reference: Georgia Heard: Awakening the Heart http://acip.sd79.bc.ca/references/burnaby_poetry/mapping_heart.pdf