MOOCing Things Up

Always wanting to learn and connect with others in the field of technology integration, I joined a MOOC yesterday.

(I would expect a lot of raised eyebrows at this point wondering what I am talking about…)

What is a MOOC? It stands for Massive Open Online Course. And I’m one of about 1400 people worldwide who (most likely) saw¬† this free educational technology and media course being tweeted, and without too much hesitation signed up wanting to get in on the sharing and conversations.

This MOOC can be found on Twitter with the #ETMOOC hashtag. Also, it is on Google+. Within hours of me signing up, I couldn’t believe the conversations that were piling up in my Gmail inbox. It was a little overwhelming, and I admit that I turned off notifications as over a thousand people’s posts is a bit much to digest. (Of course, now I will need to visit the Google+ page on my own to see what’s going on.) I know a lot of you are thinking who has the time for checking all this out? I’m even thinking that, too. However, I’m curious about this network of what seems to be very enthusiastic educators that has been created. What kinds of good stuff will be shared and discussed? Can I bring any of this back to my school, students and colleagues?

So this is my new adventure and intro video… I’m going to be MOOCing things up a bit, I guess.

(Disclaimer- I am NOT an artist, and this was a risk trying out Doodlecast Pro for the first time which I’m still on the fence about…)

Want to join us? There’s always room for one more. Check out last night’s archived session and visit #ETMOOC site for more information.